London Designers Block 2005

Primal Refuge will be showing for the first time at London Designers Block 2005 in Bishopsgate, London from the 22-25th September. Rob will be showing his stunning new 12m long laser cut aluminium fence and Phil will be showing his magical polycarbonate shed. Download an invite from the website to attend the opening from 18.00 – 22.00 hours on Wednesday 21st September 2005.



Japan Trip

Rob will be going to Japan for Tokyo Design Week 29 October-5 November 2005. Rob will be part of the Design UK trade mission and will be sponsored by the London Chamber of Commerce. Tokyo Design Week coincides with 100% Design Japan and Designers Block Japan. Whilst there, Rob will be sharing an office with Aohara Architects for that week.


Lecture Series

Phil and Rob will be organising a series of lectures at the Arts Institute at Bournemouth over the coming year. With a working title of “Tools for Design”, this series aims to bring in a wide selection of big-hitting designers with unique approaches to design. The itinerary to be announced soon on this website.

EPSRC Lecture - 'Atoms To Art'

Rob will be speaking about his research into honeycomb ceramics at the ESPRC “Culture and Creativity” conference held at the University of Manchester on the 12th September 12th 2005. The conference will address science and art collaborations in the field of ceramics and glass.


Plastics Symposium 29th September 2005

Both Phil and Rob will be attending the Plastics Symposium at the Arts Institute at Bournemouth on the 29th September. Speakers include Christian Lefteri, Nick Crosbie and Thea van Oosten


Designmai 2006

After the Primal Refuge’s triumphal debut at Designmai 2005, we will be back next year with great new stuff. Check on the website for further details.







For more information please contact:

Philip Hughes 07736 741296 [email protected]
Robert Frith 07900 984078 [email protected]