Primal Refuge was first shown in Berlin at the annual design festival “Designmai 2005” in May of this year. As an evolving concept, Primal Refuge will exhibit internationally the work of Robert Frith and Philip Hughes and in future will involve the work of other designers and artists.

Primal Refuge: Concept

The Primal Refuge is a tribute to those people who work and spend their leisure hours in cramped urban gardens. By trying to anticipate the needs of the cramped urban dweller and give him/her a useful and inexpensive place to work and play, Primal Refuge aims to make a contribution to the eccentric array of portable structures that harness and nurture so much activity in gardens.

Central to our design ideas is the need to shield the urban dweller from the prying eyes of a neighbour and the feeling of being overlooked from the canyons of building that surround most urban gardens. We have chosen materials that modulate and filter the view, perhaps helping us to feel that we can work companionably alongside a neighbouring gardener without being scrutinised. These filtering materials, laser-cut timber and polycarbonate can be configured to fine-tune the correct amount of light and privacy for each aspect of a garden or outdoor space.

Primal Refuge: Technology

Using new technology, we have devised new ways of constructing fences, sheds and other outdoor structures and aim to bring a new sensibility and flexibility to this area of design. Both designers, Robert Frith and Philip Hughes, demonstrate the scope for digital production and aim to show the aesthetic freedom provided by technology in low volume production.









For more information please contact:

Philip Hughes 07736 741296 [email protected]
Robert Frith 07900 984078 [email protected]